My recipe philosophy is simple: Make it your own!

This is what I’ve always done with food– I’m not a professional chef by any means, but I know when food tastes good!

I don’t believe recipes should be difficult to follow and honestly, I’m not really crazy about them because I always find that whenever I follow a recipe, I usually end up tweaking it to fit my taste buds! pexels-photo-277253

But if you have an idea of what you want to make, and what type of flavors you’re looking for– when it taste right to you, you’ll definitely know it. And I can’t entirely knock recipes because they aren’t all that bad. They do help us with understanding proportions and ratios when it comes to cooking. Too much liquid might bomb a recipe, while too much of this or that seasoning can throw the flavors completely off.

My recipes are designed to be guidelines for you to create your own dish, based on inspiration from the flavors you’re seeking or in the dishes I’ve made! Also, all the recipes you’ll find on my site were developed by me unless otherwise noted 🙂

You can follow them exactly as they are, or you can add more of, leave out or substitute something — I’ve created them to let you know where and when this is possible. They are also designed to be super easy to follow — some ingredients don’t even include exact measurements!

Again, the point is to have fun and MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

This is especially important for those of you who are newly vegan. One of the biggest turn-offs for new vegans is not knowing what to eat — people start missing the flavors and textures of everything they used to eat.

Think about it: if the food you made as an omnivore didn’t taste good you wouldn’t eat it right?

So what makes being vegan any different?

The DIY Recipes section contains all of the recipes I’ve created, and experimented with since I became vegan.

The Dump skillet section is mostly for inspiration — the recipes are very loosely created to give you an idea of different and random things I’ve thrown together when I was busy and realized I had fresh fruits and/or veggies and vegan proteins that were getting brown spots, going bad, or about to expire soon (when you’re a new vegan this may happen if you start stocking up on fresh produce more, but honestly, it happens to everyone).

The concept of the dump skillets is to create easy meals with (mostly) fresh produce — another thing new vegans may be fearful of or not used to. But learning to bring in a larger amount of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and also learning to eat all veggie meals (other than salad!) when switching over to a plant-based lifestyle is super important in my opinion. Even as a vegan, there are many processed food options, and if you’re concerned about your health, then eating a lot of processed and frozen foods (with tons of sodium) will never be a good idea, vegan or not.  The dump skillet ideas can show you that eating all veggie meals doesn’t have to be tasteless, and it doesn’t mean you’re only eating salads even though I looove a good salad!

There is also the essential seasoning blend. This is a blend of equal parts (1) salt, (2) onion powder, (3) garlic powder, and (4) dried parsley. I found that these were the top seasonings I started using in all my meals, so I just blended them together! It’s like a good all-purpose seasoning blend, especially for when you wanna sauté veggies. You can add other seasonings to your mix, like pepper or paprika, or leave out something if you have allergies. And of course, feel free to season the dishes however you like because you’re eating it so it should taste the way you want it to taste!

And that’s it! Have fun and enjoy the vegan fare you find here and everywhere!

* All thoughts and opinions expressed on this page and throughout this site are my own unless otherwise noted, and are not meant to replace, substitute or supplement the advice of any medical or nutrition professional(s).