What’s Zero Waste About?

After becoming vegan and realizing the impact that consuming meat and dairy has on our environment, I became more aware of trying to lessen my carbon footprint and waste creation on this Earth. In the Mission: Zero Waste section, you can follow me as I try to implement ways of creating less waste in my life.

A zero waste lifestyle focuses on trying to eliminate as much waste creation as possible, including trash, carbon emissions, and things that will likely end up in landfills and take decades to decompose, such as plastic items. Many of these items may be reused, reduced, recycled, or eliminated from being used altogether. It isn’t easy to change to this type of lifestyle overnight — especially with all the modern amenities we live with and enjoy on a daily basis, but it is possible!

Also, not all plastic is bad — there have been many innovative creations and uses for plastics in the medical field, in hospitals, and other non-medicinal areas — but again, the goal is to lessen waste as much as possible. Can you imagine how much cleaner and healthier the Earth and people would be if we were able to eliminate the use of a bunch of landfills?

If you think going zero waste might be a difficult thing to try, don’t feel overwhelmed! No one is perfect and I still have a long way to go on my zero waste journey.

But like anything else in life, practice and repetition are key!

You can start by trying to be more conscious about creating or contributing to waste inside and outside of your home.

Another concern may be that it’s too expensive to go zero waste. I also thought this was true, but instead of thinking that way, try warming up to a different mindset: you may want to invest in a few items here and there to start implementing a zero waste lifestyle — but anything that you purchase will likely save you a lot more money in the long run.

Not to mention all the free things you can do to start heading in the direction of a zero waste lifestyle. Need inspiration?  Check out my post on 10 completely FREE thing you can do to start going zero waste today!