About the Vegan Girl

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I’m Tiffany, also known as “The Vegan Girl”.

I’m just your average girl, living in the big city. I grew up in New York City (Queens to be exact), and even though I live in one of the most diverse cities in the entire world, with all sorts of food at my disposal, I’ve kind of lived in a bubble my whole life when it came to fresh and diverse cuisine. I’ve been vegan since November 2017, and it has truly been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Prior to becoming vegan, I had an unhealthy relationship with food. I didn’t care about my health and I certainly didn’t care to know where the food I was putting into my body came from or how it got to the supermarket shelves.

Although I suffered from health-related ailments throughout my life (chronic headaches, being overweight, suffering through binge eating and boughts with anorexia, having asthma as a child, and a few other things), nothing ever really sparked a fire in me to start taking better care of myself. I attempted to go vegetarian in the past, but didn’t do it properly, got sick and gave up easily. Getting sick was the main reason I gave up, but I also tried to change my lifestyle overnight, without doing any research on how to transition into a vegetarian lifestyle in a healthy manner. Then, in 2015, I decided to really take charge of my health. I still hadn’t taken the vegan plunge– in fact, the word “vegan” didn’t even exist in my world. Instead, I focused on becoming more active and eating healthier. At that time, my version of a healthy diet still included meat, eggs and dairy; but interestingly enough, I had given up cow’s milk about a year prior to taking the vegan plunge. I thought that I was “lactose intolerant” and so I started using almond milk (my favorite non-dairy milk to-date) instead, but I still consumed cheese, yogurt, and other products containing dairy.

But in 2017, it finally happened. After a series of random (or maybe not so random?) events, I went vegan. I still had so many questions, and even some doubts, but I knew in my heart that I could never go back to eating the foods I used to eat, especially after having so much knowledge about the processes that were involved in creating those foods.

Now, I’m obsessed with being vegan šŸ˜› I have an Instagram page dedicated to showcasing all the food I make and eat around my city, and I started this site to offer inspiration to those who want to begin a vegan lifestyle as well as follow me on my vegan journey as it unfolds. Honestly, the way I look at things now is quite simple:

If you love animals, go vegan!

If you love the planet, go vegan!

If you’re concerned about your health, go vegan!

If you’re interested in going vegan and don’t have any vegan friends or family that can help you on your journey, there are many resources available online. Just search “I want to go vegan”– the vegan society is a great place to start (this is not a sponsored ad for them, just my own tips!). Also, check out the PETA website — this is one of the oldest resources for those seeking to start a cruelty-free life!

You can also find inspiration and guidance on many social media pages. On my page, I focus on posting pictures of (mostly beautifully plated šŸ˜€ ) vegan food but am quickly expanding into other areas of activism as I learn more. But do some research and you’ll find great pages dedicated to giving a lot of information and facts about what it means to go vegan and the impact it will have on you, the environment and the lives of the animals you are helping to save. If you’re ready to take the vegan leap, you don’t have to do it alone!

Good luck!


* All thoughts and opinions expressed on this page and throughout this site are my own, unless otherwise noted, and are not meant to replace, substitute or supplement the advice of any medical or nutrition professional(s).