*Product Review*: The Beyond Meat Burger is BEYOND Amazing!

So, I’m a little weird– or at least my eating habits can be. When I used to eat what I considered to be “unhealthy” foods, I had a very limited diet. I didn’t eat a diverse array of foods at all; instead I ate large amounts of the bad foods with limited variety. If you check out my recipe for broccoli in garlic sauce, you’ll see in the blurb before the recipe where I mention that dish was one of the few I got from Chinese takeout. Actually, it was probably 1 of 3 dishes I ever got. Well, another familiar food was burgers. Burgers were practically the only thing I got when I went out to eat with my parents as a kid. Seriously, ask them. No matter what type of restaurant it was, if they had burgers, I got a burger– with fries. Specialty burgers, plain Jane cheeseburgers, but always a burger.

Now, fast forward years later– I eat relatively healthy now, and I eat a huge variety of foods with all types of preparation–not just sautéed veggies — although I eat a lot of (sautéed) veggies these days — but all sorts fried stuff, baked stuff, stuff I’m still not sure how to pronounce (is it SAY-TAN, SEE-TAN, or SAY-TON??), and international fare. The past me would fall over dead if it saw the future me, like “who are you and where is your burger?!”

Of course, in my limited vegan world knowledge, I didn’t know what to expect when it came to foods like burgers. I never stopped loving them– even before going vegan I started eating healthier, and for me, that included eating a lot less meat, but I always loved a good burger every now and then.

But in my vegan exploratory stage (which is still happening actually), I discovered the amazing company Beyond Meat. Then, I discovered the Beyond Meat burger. Then, I discovered true happiness. Okay, I’m slightly exaggerating, but seriously, I finally got my hands on some Beyond Meat burgers, which started being sold to the public in May 2016.

Beyond Burger Instagram Screenshot
Screenshot from my Instagram story showcasing the excitement that Homer and I shared over these burgers!

It’s 100% plant-based protein, has under 300 calories in one 1/4 pound patty, and contains no soy or GMO’s. It also has (drum-roll please!) 30% of the daily recommended value of Iron! The only downside is it does have a lot of fat– probably as much as a beef burger patty– but a full-fat burger is an indulgence that is completely allowed. And anyway, I rather my fat come from plants than cows.

Grill pan
The aftermath– the grill pan I cooked the burgers in!

But maybe its the fat that adds to the flavor. The amazing flavor of these burgers is insane! I don’t really like comparing vegan items to meat– I can’t speak for all vegans, but the only reason I do it is to try to convince meat-eaters that they won’t be missing out on much if they ditch meat. But I really couldn’t tell the difference between this burger and some meat burgers I’ve eaten in the past. The flavor and texture are spot on.

Although I just had burgers on my birthday a few days ago, making these came about because I really wanted sweet potato fries– then that made me want burgers again. And I had forgotten that I bought these a couple of weeks ago anyway, and I never froze them so I didn’t want them to go bad. Its a good thing I had that sweet potato fries craving. But that’s another amazing thing about vegan food– being that everything is plant-based, it usually lasts a lot longer. Can you imagine forgetting about beef burgers in the fridge for over a week? The smell would probably remind you before you remembered!

But anyway, these were all good reasons to make burgers, so that’s what I did. I had them for dinner tonight and I literally could not contain my excitement– they were SO. FRICKIN. AMAZING. I used a grilling pan also, which I think added to the flavor, not to mention gave the patties some cool grill marks (see inset above). I am more excited everyday as I discover all of the food I am not missing out on because it exists in my new vegan world. In fact, I have yet to find food that can’t be “veganized”!

Scroll down to see awesome pics of the burger, which I served with sweet potato fries– not from scratch, but still delish.

A few deets on the burger: I seasoned them with a little bit of salt and pepper before grilling. Then, I decked them out with some kale, tomato, red onion, and coconut herb vegan cheese slices. The sauce is Organic Sriracha and Roasted Garlic BBQ sauce from, of course, Trader Joe’s.

And by the way, this cheese is so dope– I also used it in my roasted corn and fava bean salad.

PRO Tip: The buns I used were basic, store-brand, cheap (but vegan!) hamburger buns. But they look all glossy and brioche-like don’t they? All I did was smooth a tiny layer of olive oil over the top and threw them in a warm oven for about 3 minutes. I don’t know the exact temperature the oven was at because it was cooling down from the sweet potato fries, but it might have been about 300 degrees or so. After you take them out, not only are they a little toasty, but you get that glossy “egg-wash” effect on the top bun!

Beyond Meat burger II
So much burger-licious-ness.


Beyond Meat Burger I
The Beyond Meat burger in all its glory.

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