My Birthday and Vegan Anniversary!

Behold! What you see before you are some epic vegan birthday cupcakes! However, they’re not my cupcakes.

But today is my birthday.

And the cupcakes were for someone’s birthday.

Just not mine.

By Chloe Birthday Cupcakes
Sweets By CHLOE., will you marry me?

But I’m showing them off anyway, because cupcakes are way better than cakes– everybody gets their own personal one, the flavor options and combos are insane, and somehow it’s way more socially acceptable to get a second and third cupcake than it is to cut more slices of one big cake?

Therefore, I’m putting anyone who knows me on notice now– for any future birthdays, cupcakes are the way to go. 😀

By Chloe Cupcakes
These weren’t in the birthday batch, but I just wanted to bombard you with cupcake goodness. You’re welcome.

All these beautiful cupcakes are from Sweets By CHLOE. ❤

So you’re probably wondering, if I didn’t get cupcakes, what did I get for my birthday?

Well, scroll down to see some of my birthday adventures!

Birthday Pineapples

I still got to enjoy some awesome vegan goodies on my special day– although I got those Sweets By CHLOE. cupcakes for another birthday a little while back — I actually did dine at the savory counterpart and original locale, By CHLOE. for a bomb birthday dinner with a pal.

Take a look at what we feasted on:

By CHLOE. greatness is on these trays.
The classic burger— sooo delicious!
The air-baked fried served with chipotle aioli and beet ketchup.
Their mac ‘n’ cheese with shitake mushroom “bacon”!

And it gets even better. This was more than just a celebratory birthday feast– it also commemorated my 6 month vegan anniversary! Time flies when you’re saving the animals and the planet. I couldn’t believe that 6 months had gone by so quickly– I’m already halfway toward being vegan for a year! Not that I’m counting or anything, but it does feel good to know that with each passing milestone such as this one, my commitment to the pillars of veganism are that much more obvious to both myself and others.

That food was good– amazing actually. If I could afford to, I’d eat at By CHLOE. everyday. But I was much happier knowing that I celebrated my birthday by commemorating this new lifestyle that pays so much forward and has such a huge impact on so many things!

So stick with me and check-in in another 6 months– I’m pretty sure I’ll still be going strong.

YEAH! Celebrate Sign!
My response when someone asks: “Are you proud that you’ve been vegan for six months?”

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