BYOB: Bring Your Own Bag!

One of the first things people start doing when they want to become more Earth-conscious is bringing their own bags to the supermarket. Although this isn’t a new concept by far,  when you go from not really caring to caring a lot, it’s a small step that can feel like a major difference.

And it is major. If you figure that most markets double-bag your groceries, and then you figure that you make anywhere from 2-4 trips to the supermarket each week (at least I do because I don’t get things in large quantities, especially produce) you could be saving hundreds of plastic bags from ending up in a landfill each month! Go you 🙂

Not to mention all the other benefits that go along with bringing your own bags. Here are just a few:

  1. You save unnecessary plastic from being used — yes, I know I just said that but it will always bear repeating.
  2. You’re forced to only get the essentials — depending on how many bags you’re using, bringing reusable bags helps cut down on getting junk you don’t need. The larger bags can fit a lot, but if you make sure that you only bring a certain number of bags, you ensure that you won’t buy an excessive amount of anything. Then, factor in the walking part — I live in walking distance from a supermarket. I bring two bags with me when I go grocery shopping, and once they’re full, it’s already a workout carrying one bag on either shoulder, so I make sure I am only getting the important stuff. But I do it because Mother Earth is awesome.
  3. You save the supermarket money — who doesn’t love a gesture that automatically pays itself forward? When you bring your own bags, you don’t have to use the bags at the market. As we just established, with all that double and sometimes triple-bagging, that’s a lot of bags you’ll be saving them! Maybe plastic bags are super cheap when markets buy them in bulk, who knows. But any savings for a business is still a savings, so the manager will probably think happy thoughts about you.
  4. You become a walking advertisement for the cause — Whenever someone does something that is not very common, they are noticed. People look at them more. Although it is a lot more common to bring your own bag to the supermarket these days, especially if you’re at a more progressive, earthy market like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, or anyplace in California for that matter, it still isn’t extremely common to see everyone bringing bags in there on the daily. So if it isn’t a common thing to do where you live, then you should definitely do it! Bring your own bags! Be a cheerleader for the cause simply by living your life and getting groceries! It’s like wearing a giant sign that says “I LOVE EARTH” or better yet: “I HATE PLASTIC BAGS”.
  5. You won’t collect that enormous stash of plastic bags that inevitably take up a kitchen drawer which could be put to better use. And I know that some people prefer to keep those bags to reuse as liners for mini-garbage cans, but why not instead consider purchasing biodegradable bags like the ones here?

And finally, if you must use a bag other than your reusable one, consider using a paper bag whenever possible!

So the next time you head out to the supermarket, consider it a BYOB trip and bring your own bag!

Reusable Trader Joe's Bags

2 of my prized possessions — the Trader Joe’s bags I take with me to the supermarket!

* Cover image courtesy of:

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